Mzansi youth choir pays tribute to Nightbirde — the singer is honoured

17 October 2021 - 10:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Mzansi Youth Choir pays tribute to Ohio singer Nightbirde
Image: Mzansi Youth Choir/ Facebook Mzansi Youth Choir pays tribute to Ohio singer Nightbirde

October is cancer awareness month and the Mzansi Youth Choir has done it again with their much-loved covers by paying homage to Nightbirde with an It’s OK cover.

The Ohio singer auditioned for the global TV show America’s Got Talent this year, singing  her original song It’s Ok. Nightbirde, real name Jane Marczewski is battling cancer and in her heartwarming audition she got a golden buzzer but had to pull out due to health reasons.

She has taken to Facebook to thank the Mzansi Youth Choir and said she was holding back the tears for the honour given to her.

Thank you so much Mzansi Youth Choir in South Africa for the beautiful tribute. I was holding back tears as I listened....

Posted by Nightbirde on Monday, October 11, 2021

Mzansi Youth  Choir said they were inspired by her determination and positive view of life

“We have made this cover, dedicating it to Nightbirde, to all those who have and are still battling cancer, and to those who have lost their loved ones to the fight against cancer.

“Her inspiring philosophies, such as ‘you can’t wait until life isn’t hard any more before you decide to be happy” and “don’t you want to see what happens if you don’t give up?”, havegiven us all a sense of hope in our own stories,” read their statement on Facebook.

The singer inspires through her philosophies on social media and strong will to be positive, something that inspires Mzansi Youth Choir.

“Nightbirde has become a symbol of courage, poise, beauty and inspiration. In times of adversity, her voice was the voice that people across the world, including us, needed to hear. We send prayers and much love to Nightbirde. You have taught us all to be brave,” said Sidumo Nyamezele.

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