Blushing bride-to-be K Naomi 'can't wait to be Mrs P'

21 October 2021 - 15:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
K Naomi cant wait to be Mrs. P
Image: Instagram/ K Naomi K Naomi cant wait to be Mrs. P

Model and TV personality K Naomi can't wait to tie the knot with the love of her life and is practising using the name she will have when she is married.  

When her fiancé Tshepo asked for her hand in marriage the TV presenter was over the moon and she let Mzansi in on their love by sharing her stunning engagement video of that special day in her life.

The TV presenter has since gone on a love spree by posting snaps saying she might as well practise calling herself Mrs P.

She is in awe of the kind of man that God has blessed her with. She said theirs is a love like no other. He fiancé told her he would treat her like a queen once they started dating, and she says he has done that from day one.

Taking to Instagram K Naomi  shared that their love is a “God thing”. 

“God, you gave me these dreams for a reason. I can't wait to be Mrs P”

All K Naomi wants is to chase beautiful dreams with her fiancé. She is grateful and blessed to be jumping to the next chapter.

The presenter is well on the way to becoming Mrs P and she has finally found love and can't wait to walk down the aisle.