DBN Gogo lights up Times Square as she appears on the Spotify billboard

27 October 2021 - 13:00
By Joy Mphande
DBN Gogo graces a billboard in Times Square.
Image: Instagram/ DBN Gogo DBN Gogo graces a billboard in Times Square.

DBN Gogo is beaming with pride after appearing on a billboard in Times Square.

With her involvement with Spotify's Equal Music Program alongside American rapper Saweetie and Nigerian star Tiwa Savage, DBN Gogo said she was honoured to have her name and face on an international platform.

“That is still really crazy to me that I was chosen to be on a billboard up in Times Square, New York. The Equal campaign is really just about promoting women ... just giving women that platform, that extra push to say that we're recognised and appreciated,” she told TshisaLIVE.

The Equal Music Program is part of the Equal Hub campaign launched on International Women's Day this year and is aimed at ensuring that women in the music industry get treated fairly.

The amapiano DJ shared the big news on Tuesday, encouraging her female followers to stay firm as powerful women.

“I had a dream and realised that old ways don’t open new doors; so I decided to make every moment count and worthwhile, to assure that I become everything I wanted for my life. Never apologise for being a powerful woman! ... imagine waking up to your face in Times Square. Every day god and my ancestors are showing up and showing off in my life. I am eternally grateful,” she wrote