Reason plans to write Gqom records as Sizwe Alakine

27 October 2021 - 12:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Reason slams troll claiming he's 'disrespecting' hip-hop culture.
Image: Instagram/ Reason Reason slams troll claiming he's 'disrespecting' hip-hop culture.

Musician Sizwe Alakine, formerly known as Reason, has big plans for the popular genre of gqom that has been flying a little under the radar since the amapiano wave hit.

Sizwe shook things up in the music world with his sudden move to amapiano and has repeatedly squashed the rumour mill and misconceptions about him solely being about the hip-hop culture.

In a series of tweets Sizwe has shared his song-writing plans for a genre many were not expecting him to jump on.

He said: “He writes music for all genres, and he loved helping everyone win.

“I'm going to Durban in two weeks to song write on gqom records. To help others do what I can do. Ask anybody around.

“I'm all about sharing ideas for everyone to win. Even the next big hip-hop song was written by me. Cause that's what I do. I share,” he wrote

Sizwe has been spending quite a lot of time with amapiano heads DJs Kabza de Small and Maphorisa in studio, a relationship that has no doubt influenced his recent decisions and shifts. He has been vocal about his gratitude towards these two and DBN Gogo for showing him the light.

The one thing that kept baffling the rapper was the continued debate that the move he made to amapiano was a bad one and that he was ditching rap all together. 

In his tweet he had hoped he would be joined by fellow hip-hop cats on amapiano to grow in their element as creatives by expanding their storytelling to other genres.