Shimza won't budge on cheaper alcohol at his events — even after being dragged

“You can't expect to buy at Tops prices at an event, that one is not possible.”

03 November 2021 - 06:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Shimza came under fire for over priced drinks
Image: Instagram/Shimza Shimza came under fire for over priced drinks

Afro house tech DJ Shimza has apologised to the Kunye festival goer who had loads to say about her experience at the highly publicised event.

From the pricey hot booze, to lack of sitting arrangements and running out of ice, these are the nitty gritty accounts via one Twitter user @Forever_Fifi who was unimpressed by the service at the event leaving her feeling like she should've gone to Konka instead.

“Should have gone to Konka instead of Kunye yesterday, do these prices even make logical sense?! Then there wasn’t sufficient seating, they should have told us to bring camp chairs because we’re at Innes free cup 2010. It was either you sat on the grass or you stood. What a mess,” she tweeted.

Shimza has come under fire for his lukewarm response to the series of tweets. Some accusing him of poor planning because the event was not his first time.

Shimza replied to her tweet, saying he will do better next time. 

“Sorry about your experience Fifi, in the background a lot was going on however that should never be at the expense of your experience, will do better next time and thank you once again for coming,” he tweeted.

Another tweep took the chance to attack Shimza for the prices of alcohol at his events.

In his defence, Shimza replied to a tweet and said his festival was an outdoor event and every tiny detail that went into the festival needed money. He refused to promise to make them cheaper.

“This is an outdoor event with expenses from the smallest things as toilets that you have to bring in, a business mind has to consider all those costs, you can’t expect to buy at Tops prices at an event, that one is not possible.”