WATCH | SA Celebrities who totally rocked the ‘Nkao Tempela’ challenge

27 November 2021 - 12:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Cici knocked the viral 'Nkao Tempela' challenge out of the park!
Image: Instagram/ Cici Cici knocked the viral 'Nkao Tempela' challenge out of the park!

There's new hit song on the streets compelling people — famous and not so famous — to participate in the viral challenge that showcases sexy moves, and these SA celebs did the most when they took part.

Nkao Tempela, a hit song of note by young artists Ch'cco and Mellow & Sleazy, has  made it near impossible for most to sit when it plays. One of the most played songs at clubs these days, the song first blew up thanks to a viral video of cool kids dancing on escalators.

Soon everyone on TikTok and Instagram was using the song in their reels and joining hundreds of others who joined the challenge to recreate the dance moves seen in the viral video.

Here are some of the videos courtesy of SA celebs.

Omuhle Gela and friends

Actress Omuhle and her friends had a few drinks and joined the fun.

Scandal! cast

Never ones to miss a good viral trend, the Scandal! cast went in with the moves.

Linda Mtoba and her squad

Linda, who is still celebrating her recent birthday, went clubbing with her squad. They had a lit night and decide to join the Nkao Tempela craze.


Proving you can a be a “whole mood” all by yourself, Cici took on the challenge solo and rocked the hell out of it!

Thabsie and besties!

Thabsie recently hosted her close friends to a yacht party... as you will see in the video below it was lit AF!