Mohale Motaung shook after someone tried to spike his drink twice

29 November 2021 - 13:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Mohale Motaung was shocked by two attempts to spike his drink.
Image: Instagram/ Mohale Motaung Mohale Motaung was shocked by two attempts to spike his drink.

Actor Mohale Motaung landed on the Twitter trends list on Monday after he expressed how shocked he was at attempts a stranger made to spike his drinks at a groove over the weekend.

While the spiking of drinks is a known practice that happens at clubs and other places of leisure, having someone try to spike his drink not once but twice left Mohale concerned.

He said he was saved by his friend Peace, who was with him and saw the attempt. The Opulence radio host said they caught the guy but didn't know what to do because they couldn't believe what happened.

Mohale said he was grateful his friend saw what happened while  his followers tried to figure out what the “spiker's” intentions were.

While he has been out and about almost every weekend, Mohale has also been hard at work securing the bag.

His recent big thing is the launch of his own skin care range called Elahom Cosmetics by Mohale.

His short stint as media personality Somizi's husband and being a co-star in his reality show may have got Mohale to the door, but the actor and budding entrepreneur is making boss moves all by himself.

Excited to share the news, Mohale took to Instagram to show off the products he dubbed his “love letter to Africa”.

“I'm honoured and humbled to announce what my love letter to my people in Africa is, my skin brand Elahom Cosmetics which will be launching soon. For now we are ensuring we get the best eco-sustainable packaging for Elahom Cosmetics by Mohale,” he announced.

Talking about the products, Mohale said the reason he decided to produce his own range was because he faced a challenge finding a brand to cater for his skin.