WATCH | Lasizwe sets record straight on his mental health after viral video

30 November 2021 - 07:00 By Joy Mphande
Lasizwe Dambuza gives fans an update on his mental health.
Lasizwe Dambuza gives fans an update on his mental health.
Image: Instagram/ Lasizwe Dambuza

Lasizwe Dambuza has cleared the air on the progress of his mental health after his social media hiatus.

This after fans raised concerns when a video of him dancing in Sun City went viral on Twitter recently after he revealed he had checked into a mental health facility on November 23 because of his struggle with depression.

Watch the video below:

The reality TV star and YouTuber took to his Instagram on Monday with an official statement saying he was compelled to address the matter because of its sensitivity.

“It's a serious matter and it's something that I am still dealing with ... I had a choice to involve may fans in my mental health journey or to keep quiet about it but I chose to involve you guys as a form awareness that is mandatory to take care of yourself and know when to stop,” he said.

“I had instructed the team to post tweets at the end of my journey which I believe on their side and my side we failed to reiterate that and say that it's towards the end of my journey so people were still under the impression that I am still in the facility and I also on my end failed to update you guys that I am out and I am well.”

Lasizwe gave context to the video, saying that he was in Sun City working after his doctors checked him out of the facility and gave him the go-ahead to resume his work commitments. 

“I am good, I'm back, I'm working and the show has to go on, under my doctors supervision ... they believe that I am fit to go back into the big world and do what I love most.”