Boity Thulo's foundation focuses on support for GBV victims in her hometown

05 December 2021 - 12:00
By Joy Mphande
Boity Thulo launches a foundation in support of gender-based violence victims.
Image: Instagram/ Boity Thulo Boity Thulo launches a foundation in support of gender-based violence victims.

Boity Thulo is looking to make a difference in the lives of gender-based violence (GBV) victims in Potchefstroom via her foundation.

In a statement on the rapper's social pages on Tuesday, the foundation said Thulo felt obligated to focus her efforts on providing shelter and support for GBV victims in her hometown.

“Having assisted many individuals and causes during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now turning our attention to a more substantial, permanent cause in Boity's town of origin in the North West. 

“The intention of the foundation was always to assist women and children, the focus of which will be concentrated on those affected by abuse and violence. The North West has the highest rate of sexual violence perpetrated against women and is second only to the Eastern Cape with regards to physical violence. There is a desperate need for these women to receive support and care." 

Boity's foundation, in partnership with Halo Heritage, has geared up to raise funds for this cause in 2022 and to help raise awareness about GBV in SA.

Boity has used her voice as a public figure to speak out against GBV violence on several occasions. 

In April this year, Boity and her mother raised R50,000 to support victims of GBV.

“Through the Sanlam Money Moola show, my mom and I managed to raise R50,000 for the centre. What an honour it was to see the phenomenal work that the centre does for GBV victims and for the community in general. These are the moments that ground us and remind us about the bigger picture!” she wrote. 

Speaking about her brawl with Bujy Bikwa in October, Boity said the incident was one of GBV, but has since stayed mum as the legal battle continues. 

“It is with deep sadness to state that I was indeed an unfortunate victim of a vicious physical assault and that I have since opened a case against the culprit, which I am following with keen interest. I do not wish to comment on this matter any further (at this time)," read the statement.

In response to her claim, Bujy told TshisaLIVE he was shocked and by her statement as he, too, was against GBV.

“What shocked me the most was that when I came out of prison seven days after feeling so bad for throwing that glass and saying that I could've chosen to be a better person, one of the journalists in court said that the statement she released was that she was a victim of GBV. I cried so badly,” he said.