DJ Sbu disappointed at Mac G and Jub Jub for their distasteful joke

07 December 2021 - 08:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
DJ Sbu wasn't impressed with Jub Jub and Mac G's utterances
Image: Instagram / DJ Sbu DJ Sbu wasn't impressed with Jub Jub and Mac G's utterances

Podcaster MacG has stepped on a lot of people's toes since the inception of his Podcast and Chill show, but he outdid himself with the latest episode featuring Jub Jub as the main guest.

In the now infamous episode, Jub Jub and MacG spoke about a variety of issues, some of which resulted in women speaking out against Jub Jub and accusing him of rape.

Women weren't the only ones bothered by utterances made on the show. Some of their comments landed the duo in hot water with DJ Sbu. 

Veteran DJ and businessman Sbu Leope took to Instagram and shared the clip where they mentioned him. He questioned both MacG and Jub Jub's comments amid their back and forth banter about his sexuality. 

“Mac G and Jub Jub, is this how you thank me?” a disappointed DJ Sbu asked.

Jub Jub and MacG were discussing whether Mac G would "smash" a gay man. 

“I'm not gay ... I'm friends with a lot of gay people, Somizi, DJ Sbu, there's a lot of them,” he said before bursting into laughter. After a long pause, MacG said he was only kidding.

Musician and LGBTQIA+ advocate Toya De Lazy called out the duo for their careless behaviour. 

“Even if it's so, we love [you] even harder ...  it's extremely mean to out others or lie on a public platform. Whatever it is, just know you are loved regardless buti wam,” Toya said to DJ Sbu.

DJ Sbu's followers flooded his comment sections and assured him it was just a joke. It's these kinds of jokes that have cost him sponsorship from three different companies.

TshisaLIVE reached out to DJ Sbu, but our calls went unanswered. The article will be updated as soon as he comments.