DJ Zinhle reflects on fave (& not fave) moments from 'Unexpected'

09 December 2021 - 07:00 By Joy Mphande
DJ Zinhle speaks on her first-time reality TV experience.
DJ Zinhle speaks on her first-time reality TV experience.
Image: Instagram/ DJ Zinhle

December 11 marks the season finale of DJ Zinhle's first-time journey as a reality TV star on BET's Unexpected, a venture she marks as the most “intimate and personal” experience of her career. 

While her reality show might have “lacked drama” as some of the audience have pointed out, DJ Zinhle tells TshisaLIVE that the first season of her show was a great depiction of her life which her fans can truly learn from.

“My show is who I am, it's about a person who works hard, a person who has family values and great friends, a right support structure around her. It's important to have the right people around you, spend as much time with them because nothing is guaranteed. Family is everything, especially now in these trying times.”

“I'm always trying to inspire women to be great and make them believe we can take over the world, mom or not. Women are capable of holding it down, pregnant or not. You can do whatever you want to do,” she said.

We went down memory lane with DJ Zinhle where she spoke of her favourite and least favourite documented moments on the show. Take a look at some of them below:


“The biggest positive for me is just how my family and I were brought closer together. I got to spend time with them more than I usually do and [because] I like that a lot, that would be one of the reasons I'd want to do it again but we're really still thinking about it [the second season].” 


Whether it was her opinion about marriage or wishes to have the father of her first born child, rapper AKA get along with her second baby daddy and boyfriend, Murdah Bongz. DJ Zinhle found herself on the top trending list on Twitter for comments she made on her show.

“The more serious scenes were quite cringe to watch. Not because they're not true but because the way I think about life and marriage. It sounded so simple until I saw it as a conversation on social media.

“Like is it so hectic that I don't want to get married?  Is it so hectic that I have different opinions about how my family structure is? A few days ago my whole family was trending so that for me scared me a little bit. I won't lie.”


After keeping her relationship with Murdah Bongz private, DJ Zinhle's reality show gave her fans a front-row seat to her life love with her beau.

“He had no interest in being in front of the camera, he's very private. That's why my relationship was private, he's just a private guy, he's an artist and wants to do his music ... so he had not interest in being on the show so we literally had to beg him. But he was very kind abut it.”