‘I’m still very single’ — Enhle on claims she’s back with Black Coffee

17 December 2021 - 12:36
By Joy Mphande
Enhle Mbali is single and not looking.
Image: Instagram/ Enhle Mbali Enhle Mbali is single and not looking.

Enhle Mbali has set the record straight on rumours that she has rekindled her romance with estranged husband DJ Black Coffee.

Rumours have been swirling on social media that they got back together after she filed for divorce in 2019.

In a recent episode of Podcast and Chill, MacG alluded to the couple being back together.

"Look what happened to Enhle and Black Coffee. She came out saying GBV, he's not paying electricity, now they back together," MacG said.

Enhle took to her Instagram stories to say is single. 

"I'm still very single . Hot back anywhere. Still my own person. Someone's getting paid to lie," she wrote.

Actress Enhle Mlotshwa on her relationship status.
Image: Instagram/ Enhle Mbali Actress Enhle Mlotshwa on her relationship status.

Taking to Instagram TV earlier this year, the actress said she was not looking to get into a relationship at the moment.

“I don't think I'm in a space to have a relationship. I'm enjoying just having adult conversation. I'm enjoying men marveling over me, because that's what it feels like,” she said. 

The Rockville actress said  she was in a better place in her life after the messy split.

“It is so important to embrace the pain, heal from it, live with it, let it go and be what I am today, purely happy. I know my pain, my pain is a part of my journey. I will not throw it away in any way, but I've learnt from it,” she said