Big Xhosa slams Nota’s shade: You don't like that you can't control me

20 January 2022 - 08:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Big Xhosa has asked Nota to leave him and his
Image: Instagram/ Big Xhosa Big Xhosa has asked Nota to leave him and his "joke of a career alone".

Rapper Big Xhosa has responded to Nota Baloyi's shade after the music exec said he was disappointed in the rapper for his "American rap style" persona SOS.

The rapper's excitement after his Sway rap video went viral was short-lived after Nota told him to drop SOS and stick to Big Xhosa.

This view is not new in the hip-hop culture debates, and rappers who sound like what Big Xhosa did in the clip have been said to be copying the American rap culture.

Big Xhosa did not take kindly to Nota's tweet, which he has since deleted, and on Tuesday the rapper told him where to get off.

Nota, you think you know everything and what you don't like is that you can't control me. U got my number, but choose to say this bull**t publicly tells me you don't even give a f**k about me, but yourself and self-praise, I'm gonna prove you wrong. Highly disappointed in you.”

Nota clapped back at the rapper and reminded him he was once in his corner.

“You’re not special. I’m not your dad. You asked a question on Twitter and I answered. I told you this personally. I reached out when no-one would touch you with a 10-foot pole. I called Ifani asked him to co-sign you. I’m glad I didn’t invest too much ... I knew you’d be ungrateful.”