Wanna lose weight? The secret to success is in food, says Unathi Nkayi

25 February 2022 - 16:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Unathi Nkayi has shared golden weight loss tips.
Image: Instagram/ Unathi Nkayi Unathi Nkayi has shared golden weight loss tips.

After losing weight and maintaining her hot body, singer and radio personality Unathi Nkayi has shared tips for others inspired by her health journey.

There's no denying that Unathi is effectively a fitness bunny owing to all the time she spends in the gym

The hot mommy recently took to her Instagram to reiterate that hot bodies like hers aren't made in the gym but the kitchen. Unathi told her followers the secret to weight loss and maintaining a lean body was food.

“You always ask me to share what I eat and as imperfect as I am in that aspect I do know you cannot gym out a bad diet,” she explained.

“I try to eat clean most of the week. I try to eat things that are as close to their origin as possible as found on earth. So I opt for sweet potato, potato and rice as my carb options as opposed to pasta and bread. I have become lactose intolerant which amuses my lil' humans because I love ice-cream, cheese, yoghurt, etc but I have to avoid those things.”

The media personality highlighted sugar as an enemy to anyone seeking to pursue a healthy lifestyle. She ended her golden tips post by adding alcohol is bad for people trying to lose weight, adding that while she drinks it, she does so wisely and has made water her best friend.

“Sugar is the most ageing property we consume as humans and in the top three most addictive substances in the world. Up there with cocaine. I try to consume only natural sugars even though I have a severe sweet tooth inherited from Ma Moms. Alcohol — I consume that thing but wisely. Gin with juice, or water or straight. Bubbles bubbles bubbles are my fave. Water should become your best friend.”

Check out her hot body for inspo below: