'People can remember me for doing music differently' — Junior Taurus on legacy

11 March 2022 - 07:00
By Joy Mphande
DJ Junior Taurus speaks on maintaining relevance in an ever changing industry.
Image: Instagram/ Junior Taurus DJ Junior Taurus speaks on maintaining relevance in an ever changing industry.

When we talk about pioneers in the music industry, Tshepo “Junior Taurus” Mosidi is a name that comes to mind as he's contributed to some of Mzansi's most loved songs.

His influence in the industry is documented by the artists he's worked with. He's done engineering work for a number of local and international artists. including Lamiez, Lady Zamar, Venom X Shishileza, Cassper, Kid Dominant, Focalistic and Major League, among others.

“What is important for people to remember me by is somebody who has always done his part for music, especially the scene in Pretoria. I've tried to create a new sound and I want people to remember me for doing music differently.”

In this day and age, anything can become a hit. If you release a song with a great challenge on TikTok or other social platforms it booms and could easily become the record that catapults an artist's career into the limelight. Taurus said his focus was on making timeless hits.

“It's all about how you pursue music. A lot of producers, we suffer so much with, we're always chasing the next hit. Some of the music that I do might fly under the radar now, but it might hit you in five years.”

In today's music scene, Junior Taurus says he has the upper hand having access to the best of both worlds, before and post the digital, social media age, adding, he avoids losing his creative flare to the trendy culture.

“When I started music, social media was not as effective as it is now and I believe people have cheat codes, in a way. I have always told myself that for me to be current, whether at the top or at the bottom, is to always be true to something I started. I cannot change what I feel about me because of what is current, my career might end. I can survived the times because of staying true to how I started.”

He's discovered, and worked closely with, a number of talented stars. He's known mostly for the projects with Lamiez and the joint projects with Lady Zamar, working with her as a duo.

“I'm always in a position that I find vocalists and I believe in helping somebody to a point where they can make their own decision in which way to go in their career instead of tying them down with a contract, instead of being bound by something that should put you on.

“She is a talented writer and musician. I knew back then that the Lady would be amazing in the industry. It's unfortunate that there are songs we haven't released that were next level. I doubt there will be any songs in the future, because things were not ended off properly.”

Junior said though things between him and Lady Zamar ended on a sour note due to him finding out about her pursuing a solo career on Facebook while they were still pushing music as a duo, they're now cordial.

“It's unfortunate, because I see people wanting to get more music from us both. The songs that I did with her were amazing, I had hoped to see the full journey.

Besides being a musician, Junior is a businessman and chooses to keep those ventures low key as he builds an empire for his son.

“I'm a believer in how people perceive you and that it's not everything that needs to be how, there are some projects I do in film, people have no idea and I have no problem with that.”

Junior Taurus continues to thrive in his career and is gearing to release an album he's been working on for the past two years where he will feature RnB vocalists such as Brian Thema, Una Rems and possibly Tshego.

“I have been trying to fuse every sound that comes from the streets, making them musician and using vocalists that are predominantly RnB. It's going to be an interesting project.”