WATCH | Family tell how hard it was to switch off DJ Dimplez’ life support

11 March 2022 - 13:06
By Chrizelda Kekana
Tumi 'DJ Dimplez' Mooi has been laid to rest.
Image: Instagram/DJ Dimplez Tumi 'DJ Dimplez' Mooi has been laid to rest.

Emotional speeches and worship songs were the order of the day as the family of Boitumelo Mooi, popularly known as DJ Dimplez, bid him farewell in a private funeral service.

Expressing their heartbreak and loss, Dimplez family members took turns to speak of his kindness and how his sudden death left them devastated.

DJ Dimplez died on March 6 after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

David Mooi took to the podium to share what happened when the DJ was admitted to hospital.

“Tumi was admitted on the fifth [of March] and when my uncle and the family arrived there they saw Tumi and couldn't talk to him because of his condition. My uncle was told by the two doctors that had examined Tumi that they had bad news for the family because Tumi is brain dead.

“When a person is like that , as people you understand that God has made a call.”

David assured Tumi's parents they did well by their son and they did everything in their power for him.

Speaking of the day outside the hospital after they heard DJ Dimplez' life-support had been switched off, his friend and industry colleague DJ Milkshake, real name Kagiso Mabelane, said they struggled to believe he wouldn't wake up.

“There's a lot to be said about Tumi, he became a brother to me ... A lot has been said, but  to illustrate how strong-willed and how selfless he was, last week Sunday when we got to hear of his passing there were about six or seven of us outside the hospital." 

Milkshake said he was standing next to DJ Speedsta when a mutual friend told them Dimplez' life-support had been switched off.

“A friend of ours who was with him when he passed said to us 'they turned off his life-support at about 12.45', so Speedy looked at the time and said 'No, but Shake, it's only ten past two, I mean the guy is just taking a nap, he's going to wake up now. Let's just give him a chance, everybody needs to calm down. He's gonna wake up' and we just looked at him. But I think that was such a strong testament to say that D was such a strong person and we knew we could always count on him, I think that's something we should all take with us today. D, we love you, we always have and we know you loved us too. Rest in peace,” he said.