WATCH | Kelly Rowland throws back to Bontle Modiselle’s dance studio

13 May 2022 - 12:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Bontle Modiselle and Kelly Rowland had some fun dancing to amapiano tunes
Image: Instagram/ Bontle Modiselle Bontle Modiselle and Kelly Rowland had some fun dancing to amapiano tunes

American singer and businesswoman Kelly Rowland has made dancing to amapiano look effortless and can't stop singing Bontle Modiselle's praises.

Its been almost a month since the star was in Mzansi. Though she did not reveal why she visited, she has been swooning over Mzansi's talented choreographer and owner of Bontle M studio Bontle Modiselle.

Reminiscing about her session, Kelly shared a video on her Instagram timeline and appreciated Bontle’s studio.

@bontle.modiselle This was one of the most memorable, fun experiences with movement I’ve ever had! Thank you to my bro @dale_deruig For hooking this up! I can’t wait to get back home to SA for more good times at your beautiful studio @bontle.modiselle! Til next time.”

In her mentions, Bontle told Kelly she nailed the moves to the genre that has kept Mzansi and the world dancing.

“It was absolutely beautiful! We loved every moment of it and I couldn’t be happier that you enjoyed it as much as you did. You nailed it! Now Come back home, we’ll be ready and waiting for you ... til next time, queen.”

The choreographer and actress took to her own Instagram and hinted that more clips of their dance session were coming.

TEKA! @kellyrowland is basically South African now! Adopted. Amapiano looks amazing on her and she got it with ease ... please! This is 1 of 3, the others are loading ... I rate her a solid 10,” she wrote.

She shared visuals from the first exclusive Self Love Sessions event at Bontle M studio.

“It all starts with an idea, a prayer, a dream. The hardest part is making something of it, intentionally so, and I’m proud of what this moment is. An incredibly proud time for Bontle Modiselle Dance Studio — a beautiful start!” she wrote.