Ann Malinga announces music concert for Robbie Malinga fans

06 June 2022 - 06:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Ann Malinga has announced a music concert in her late husband's honour.
Image: Instagram/ Ann Malinga Ann Malinga has announced a music concert in her late husband's honour.

Ann Malinga continues to keep the legacy of her late husband Robbie Malinga alive, announcing a music concert in his honour.

The concert, Robbie Malinga Soul Garden Sessions, is set to take place in Centurion on Youth Day later this month.

Ann penned a book titled Robbie Malinga which was launched at Universal Music studios last year.

“I've dedicated my life to keeping his legacy alive for as long as I can. As soon as I realised I cannot go into music, I thought of a book. I thought of other things but I thought a book will always be there so I started writing about what I was going to write. I’ve been writing for the past two and a half years.  I would write one month and then if it was heavy for me I would stop, and then go back again," she said.

This year she partnered with Epitome of Black Excellence president Joel Sekoala to launch the inaugural Robbie Malinga Memorial Golf Day to commemorate her late husband.

It was an emotional day for Ann, who was brought to tears at the event. She said she was crying tears of joy, not sorrow.

“Since the book launch I have been getting lots of support and I'm very grateful. Many who were inspired by Robbie Malinga were not only inspired by his role within the arts industry, but also by the way in which his life story made an educational impact on  thousands."