Sjava reveals why ‘Umqhele’ was removed from streaming platforms

20 June 2022 - 08:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Sjava said the album was removed due to a glitch, but it has been sorted and Umqhele is back up
Image: Sjava/ Instagram Sjava said the album was removed due to a glitch, but it has been sorted and Umqhele is back up

Mzansi has been rocked by reports of artists removing their music from digital streaming services, seemingly without explaining the reasons behind the move, but Sjava has revealed why his album was pulled out.

Taking to Twitter the Linda hit maker assured his fans that all was well now.

“Sanibonani nonke. Umqhele the album is back up on all your favourite streaming platforms. There was a glitch nge album yasuka kuma digital platforms, but that glitch has been sorted and we’re back up.”

Rapper and music producer Anatii announced on his Twitter timeline on Monday that he was pulling his music out of digital platforms.

Explaining the move on Twitter, the star said he was aware that it had been four years since he had released music.

“Its been four years in terms of earthly time. As soon as I came back to earth they told me it was four years. I didn't realise how long it was actually, so I'm here, ready to educate the people and show them way.  

“I know some people are confused, some people are upset, some people are sad about what's going on, but I had to remove the music from the streaming platforms in order to make a statement for creators within our space.

“For people who need to be respected who need to be champions, voices that need to be heard whose art needs to be seen by the world and the masses.”

He said his move was to make a statement and he shared his and his team's plans about using “Web3”. 

According to a Google search, “Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the world wide web based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralisation and token-based economics.”

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Riky Rick’s Family Values album was removed from all streaming platforms and his management as reported on Slikour Online explained what happened.

“We can confirm that Riky Rick's Family Values album will be re-uploaded on the digital streaming platforms soon, as the record licensing deal is being renewed as it was released under Electromode publishing.”

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