Here’s why Pearl Modiadie won’t be having another little one soon

22 June 2022 - 06:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Pearl Modiadie said it might take time before she considers bearing her second child.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Modiadie Pearl Modiadie said it might take time before she considers bearing her second child.

Media personality Pearl Modiadie has revealed one of the reasons she's reluctant to have baby number two, saying she can't seem to forget the awful memory of having an epidural needle sting her.

The mother of one took to Twitter during the week to share her thoughts on the local anaesthetic often used during childbirth. More than two years after she gave birth to her son Lewatle, Pearl shared she couldn't get over the “trauma of the epidural needle insertion”.

The memory seems to have been brought up by watching her birth video.

Almost two years in and I still can’t get over the trauma of the epidural needle insertion. The feeling afterwards makes up for it, but I can feel it all over again when I watch my birth video. Issa lot mate!”

The conversation about giving birth unmedicated versus epidural or other forms of medication continued in the comment section as people shared their views.

Many of Pearl's female fans agreed they haven't been the same since they gave birth, with some mothers testifying to suffering from back pain since they gave birth.

I don't remember having intense pain. I did, however, get a numbing gel first. So this could be why. I just felt a sting and then a burning sensation through my legs until I couldn't feel anything at all. But I do get a lot of backaches. My baby is 10-years-old,” one tweep said.

“I'm 48 this year and I have chronic backpain because of epidural. Had I known, I would have endured the pain rather than taking epidural. I regret,” said another tweep.

Pearl admitted she also struggles with back pain since becoming a mommy.

Healthline reported that according to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, there’s no credible evidence that having an epidural will lead to permanent back pain. They said even people who don’t get epidurals may experience back pain after labour and delivery.

Nonetheless, Pearl is certain she won't be going the epidural route again and thinks she'll only consider having a second baby once she forgets the pain of the epidural needle entering her body.

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