Mpho 'Popps' shares his excitement at being Khanyi Mbau’s roast master

“No-one roasts me more than I roast myself so, yeah, they have nothing on me.”

01 July 2022 - 06:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Mpho 'Popps' Modikoane said he was not going to hold anything back as roast master
Image: INSTAGRAM Mpho 'Popps' Modikoane said he was not going to hold anything back as roast master

Comedian and actor Mpho “Popps” Modikoane says he is going to come out guns blazing against the panellists on the Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau.

The roast is the first of its kind to air on Comedy Central Africa in August 2022.

The media personality and actress, who was a panellist in the 2014 roast with Kenny Kunene, makes a comeback as the first black woman to be roasted.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the entertainer described what he was feeling in the way only a comedian could.

“I feel honoured, I feel like a legend, I feel like how CEOs feel when they get promoted to the position of CEO. I feel like the day Cyril Ramaphosa was elected president, the feeling he felt is what I'm feeling right now.

“I feel like the driver of a seven-seater SUV, you know when everyone is in the car with you but you are driving. I feel amazing. I can't explain it, it's a great feeling to be chosen as the roast master just that word 'master' means so many things. Just to be chosen as a master of the roast and not just any roast, the first roast in the history of the roast franchise were we are gonna roast a black woman, so it feels amazing to be a part of such a historical moment.”

These roasts are never subtle when it comes to jabs. They are roasts, after all, and the comedian said viewers can expect a little shock element here and there.

“They can expect to cringe, to laugh, to cry. They can expect to spit water out of their mouths if they are drinking anything during the roast. We are not holding back, no-one is holding back anything, it's about to go down. The viewers must expect the expected and the unexpected. Its going down.”

Mpho is not nervous about the show next month. He promises to give them a good beating with his roast. 

“I think the trick to roasting is you gotta be able to take it as good as you can give it, so there's nothing none of the panellist or even Khanyi can say about me that I haven't really said about myself. No-one roasts me more than I roast myself so, yeah, they have nothing on me.

“Am I nervous about what they are going to say about me? No, am I nervous about what I'm gonna say about them? Yes, because I'm not holding back. Every single person sitting on that panel, including the queen herself, Ms Khanyi Mbau, all of them are in danger, gevaar, ingozi.

“They are in  trouble. They got an actual roast master this time around, so, yeah, I'm nervous for them. If you are friends with anyone on the panel, if you are friends with Khanyi, please start praying for them now, because Mpho Popps is on the loose and he has been given the tittle of roast master. Ayeye”