'Protect SA at all cost' — AKA reacts to Zama Zamas protests in Kagiso

05 August 2022 - 11:25
By Constance Gaanakgomo
AKA said SA needs to be protected at all costs.
Image: Instagram/ AKA AKA said SA needs to be protected at all costs.

Rapper AKA has taken to his Twitter timeline after the protests in Kagiso, Krugersdorp, put the spotlight on illegal mining. 

“Protect SA at all costs,” he tweeted on Thursday.

In his mentions, his followers voiced their thoughts on the matter. 

“Wena I like you because you have been very clear from the start, futhi you not a coward, you don't suffer from abantu bazothini syndrome. Some are scared because bafuni feature kulama artist wangaphandle,” tweeted one.

In another tweet, AKA touched on the issue of borders.

“Wanting SA to have secure borders doesn’t make you xenophobic,” he tweeted.

TimesLIVE reported that community members from Kagiso, on the West Rand, on Thursday took matters into their own hands to remove alleged illegal miners operating at disused mines. 

It was reported they were armed with an assortment of weapons and set alight reeds near the mine shafts to corner and catch zama zamas they believed were hiding there.

Media personalities have been vocal and expressed their opinions about the political landscape and leadership of Mzansi. 

TV presenter and actor Siv Ngesi was unimpressed with the way the president is steering his ship, saying he finds Cyril Ramaphosa's leadership “shameful”.

Taking to his Twitter timeline, the actor called out the president.

“Dear Cyril Ramaphosa, your spineless and indecisive style of leadership is shameful! You have had so many moments to stand up and you have failed,” he tweeted.

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