Oh la la! Unathi Nkayi goes bare in front of a mirror

12 August 2022 - 11:51
By Contance Gaanakgomo
 Unathi Nkayi says posing naked in front of a mirror has boosted her confidence. File image
Image: Instagram/ Unathi Nkayi Unathi Nkayi says posing naked in front of a mirror has boosted her confidence. File image

Radio jock and musician Unathi Nkayi turned on the heat on Thursday when she posed naked in front of a mirror.

Taking to her Instagram timeline, the singer shared a snap of herself sitting in front of the mirror and opened up about how her confidence has gone up a notch. 

“They would say I use foundation to cover my stretch marks. They laughed when I said I want to be able to wear a bikini any day of the year. They would drag me on social media while picking my body apart.

“I knew what I wanted. I knew what I had to do to get there. I know what I have to do to stay there,” she wrote.

The hot mommy  took to her Instagram in February to share that hot bodies like hers aren't made in the gym but the kitchen. Unathi told her followers the secret to weight loss and maintaining a lean body was food.

“You always ask me to share what I eat and as imperfect as I am in that aspect, I do know you cannot gym out a bad diet.

“I try to eat clean most of the week. I try to eat things that are as close to their origin as possible, as found on earth. So I opt for sweet potato, potato and rice as my carb options as opposed to pasta and bread. I have become lactose intolerant which amuses my lil' humans because I love ice cream, cheese, yoghurt and so on, but I have to avoid those things.”

She opened up about her decade-long weight loss journey last year, saying she was thrilled she had kept a promise she made to herself.

She revealed she dropped the ball for a while during lockdown but realised it and was determined to make a change.

“If you want it you can have it. A year ago I was not happy with my body because of lockdown. My daughter thought she was getting a younger sibling (which she still wants) and would tell everyone how excited she was at the prospect. I had regressed with my body goals.”

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