Motlatsi Mafatshe opens up about last phone call with Busi Lurayi

02 July 2023 - 08:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Motlatsi Mafatshe said the
Image: Instagram/Motlatsi Mafatshe Motlatsi Mafatshe said the "How to Ruin Christmas" cast were shattered to lose Busi Lurayi.

Her death sent shock waves across Mzansi and the cast of How to Ruin Christmas were shattered at the loss of thespian Busi Lurayi, who died on July 11 ast year.

Sharing recently, seasoned actor Motlatsi Mafatshe said Busi was a sweet human being who was too clever.

He sat down on the King David Studio podcast where he spoke about the actress who held a special place for those who loved her. 

“She was incredible, she was something else, so honest and giving. She used to fight for everyone. She used to be in trouble for it, but sometimes she would go over board,” said Motlastsi recalling the time they shot a Netflix series together.

“She called me a week before she passed. When she calls you, you talk for three hours. That was the shortest call and it took 30 minutes.

“You know when these things happen, you are like was 'she saying bye'? I'm lucky. It's like I want to tell everyone that she called me. You want to hold onto something. Maybe it's how we deal with it.”

While paying tribute to the star at her funeral, actress Rami Chuene, who starred alongside Busi, described how Busi made them feel. 

She said they were shattered by her sudden passing as the star always went out of her way to make them feel close.

“We are the cast of How to Ruin Christmas, and there so many things we could say. We don’t understand it, we can’t comprehend it, we can’t internalise it. We are shattered, our hearts are broken, and anything and everything that Busi was and is, we’ve all heard it. She made us all feel special.”