Jelly Babie on why she left school in grade 11

23 November 2023 - 07:35
By TshisaLIVE
Jelly Babie gets candid about her journey to stardom.
Image: Instagram/ Jelly Babie Jelly Babie gets candid about her journey to stardom.

Jelly Babie has revealed why she decided to drop out of school in grade 11. 

During a recent interview on Culture Spotlight, the Bacardi sensation divulged how she got her big break in the music industry through Itumeleng “Vusi Ma R5" Mosoeu who died on January 13.

Jelly Babie, real name Karabo Khakhu, said the artist's death caused a lot of attention to be focused on her at school and teachers used to comment on her going to gigs so she decided to leave school. 

“Honestly speaking I left school after Vusi R5's funeral. When I got to school people kept telling me how sorry they were, asking me about R5 and I couldn't concentrate at school. The teachers would call me into the staff room asking me about R5, how I'm healing ... even the treatment I was getting,” she said. 

Jelly Babie said before she quit school, she had never been absent because Vusi Ma R5 would make sure she attended classes.

While she has since been focusing on her budding career collaborating with artists including Pabi Cooper, and DJ Uncle Waffles, Jelly Babie said she is looking to go back to school in January but hopes she can do homeschooling instead. 

She is now preparing for the release of her debut EP. 

“I am working on my EP so we decided to work on my EP so he will be on my EP. I'll release around November 25 or I can release on December 1,” she said during her interview on Tshwane FM.

She is now using the lessons she learnt from Vusi Ma R5. 

“I didn't know anything about the industry. The industry now is hard without him because I have to use everything he taught me. He trained me.”