Nude pics and assaults: inside Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa’s X war

Clap back follows porn star taunt

01 February 2024 - 20:22
By TshisaLIVE
Prince Kaybee claps back at DJ Maphorisa.
Image: Via Instagram Prince Kaybee claps back at DJ Maphorisa.

Prince Kaybee has clapped back at DJ Maphorisa after he called him a porn star.

The two producers’ X war began after Maphorisa recently went live on Instagram shedding light on how artists get to own the masters of their music.

“When you record music on my computer, my studio, with my electricity. That sh*t is mine. It belongs to me, he said.

Responding to his comments, Prince Kaybee said that making music was a collaborative effort and providing artists with food or lights should not equate to him owning the work.

Maphorisa then went live again on Wednesday, saying Prince Kaybee was desperate for attention, calling him a porn star for leaked videos and images of his genitals that have been splattered on social media.

Prince Kaybee clapped back at his remarks, mentioning DJ Thuli P’s assault case against Maphorisa.

The Gugulethu hit maker said Maphorisa’s approach was flawed and not progressive.

“I did see the porn star narrative coming, an unfortunate time in my life where someone showed the world my private parts, but I can also use the allegations of you hitting a woman but that's not the argument.

“There’s lack of moral commitment to artists generally from a basic human principle to parallel their artistic capabilities and talent to a computer, lights and Nandos and it’s not building the economy of the artist. I disagree with what you stand for and that's that.”