Onesimus on his TikTok takeover and Shining Star Africa Awards nomination

10 June 2024 - 09:07
By TshisaLIVE
Singer Onesimus speaks about the success of his hit song 'Controller'.
Image: Supplied Singer Onesimus speaks about the success of his hit song 'Controller'.

Onesimus has taken TikTok by storm.

The Afrobeat singer, who recently entered the UK hot spot of the week with Controller, has 200-million views on TikTok (and counting) and 500,000 videos made from the song on the platform. 

From dance challenges to song reactions, the singer is on a mission to cement his name in the music industry globally. 

“I'm really grateful. This is my first time on TikTok to have such a milestone, and I am still counting. I'm so grateful for the support people are giving me,” he told TshisaLIVE. 

He has been singing since the age of 13 and has been dubbed the “Prince of Malawi” for breaking barriers and putting a spotlight on artists from his country. 

“My journey in the music industry has not been easy but the beauty about it is that I am still on the journey, following my dreams and goals.”

He has walked away with awards including Best Male Artist at the 2019 Afrima Awards, Best Artist Of the Year at the Zambian Zikomo Awards, and Controller has scored him a nomination in this year's Shining Star Africa Awards in the Best Star Song category.

“I'm looking forward to clinching it and bringing it home.

“I work hard. I write different types of music. I'm always in the studio trying to create something and hoping something will come out big. This means so much to me. This is my second nomination at the Shining Star Africa Awards. I won it before. This time I'm grateful to be nominated.”