TIMELINE | From soul mates to the end of their love story — Letoya Makhene & Lebo Keswa's failed marriage

11 June 2024 - 10:27
By Joy Mphande
Lebo Keswa has decided to part with actress Letoya Makhene.
Image: Instagram/Letoya Makhene-Pulumo Lebo Keswa has decided to part with actress Letoya Makhene.

On Sunday, Lebo Keswa issued a statement announcing she is separating from her longtime partner, actress Letoya Makhene. 

Sunday World reported their marriage was allegedly laced with abuse, drugs and infidelity. The publication alleged Letoya scalded Lebo with boiling water, battered her with an ironing board and threw a vase at her in their marital home in Randfontein.

“I've concluded it's time to move on and pick up the pieces of what's left to try to live the most joyful and satisfied life imaginable,” Lebo said via her publicist Pearl Chauke.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Lebo said: “I cannot give any more than what’s in the Sunday World article, as my doing so will be going against my legal and reputational risk advisers.”

October 2020 — The proposal

Lebo took to her timeline to share a video of her asking for Letoya's hand in marriage.

“She said yes,” she captioned the post.

November 2020 — Lobola negotiations and wedding preparations

Letoya took to her Instagram timeline revealing she was a fiancée for only seven days before the wedding preps and lobola negotiations started.  

This is my uncle and he’s one of two remaining eldest uncles we have in the family. On this day I had asked him for a meeting and told him I want to get married. I have never been this interrogated in my life. My uncle is a retired teacher and one of the sharpest men I know. Just imagine me trying to explain to him that I want to marry another woman,” she said.

December 2020 — The wedding day 

Letoya and Lebo hosted their traditional wedding on December 22 2020 with their close family and friends.

Criselda Kananda, who was programme director for the special occasion, shared a lengthy, heartfelt message on her Instagram. As she reflected on the day, Criselda gushed over how Lebo and Letoya's love gave meaning to unconditional love.

Congratulations Lebo Keswa and Letoya Nubia Makhene. Toya and Lebo, yesterday you gave meaning to unconditional love and loving. As I awake this morning I give thanks to God almighty for the gift of love, blessings and teachings about love and your ancestors for sealing your covenant yesterday,”

May 2021 — Letoya gets candid about coming out as LGBTQ+

Though Letoya was previously married to a man, Privilege Mangesi, for nine years, she did not shy away from openly gushing over her new love.

Letoya took to her Instagram, saying despite the years of judgment and pointing fingers she has chosen to live her truth and love who she loves regardless of being warned of her relationship to a women having the potential to end her career. 

“I met an amazing yet complicated woman along my journey of life. I was told by many this would ruin my career and it should never come out. I tried to imagine myself in this ‘secret relationship’ and the complexities of not being able to freely be me and to proudly love this amazing soul by my side,” she wrote. 

“Gosh, just imagining this huge ‘secret’ literally sent my body into a state of heaviness. I knew immediately harbouring such a secret would do me more of an injustice than living my truth. I defied everyone around me.”

June 2022 — couple gets involved in a brawl 

Letoya opened a sexual offence case against a man unknown to her while Lebo was charged with malicious damage to property and assault.

The cases were opened after the pair attended a party in Midrand on January 13 2022 where Lebo was involved in a scuffle while allegedly defending Letoya, who claimed she was sexually attacked.

Gauteng police spokesperson Col Dimakatso Sello confirmed police were investigating malicious damage to property and assault charges. She said a case of sexual offence was also opened at the Midrand police station.

Matlhogonolo Ledwaba, the owner of a bakery in Midrand where the party was held, took to Facebook to “expose” Lebo for allegedly vandalising her business “unprovoked” that night. 

February 2023 — Letoya gets tattoo in honour of partner 

Letoya revealed she had “Lebo” tattooed on her ring finger. 

The actress took to her Instagram timeline to show off her new ink with the caption: “It's done.”

March 2023 — Their marriage is rumoured to be on the rocks 

Letoya dismissed reports she and Lebo had separated.

The actress lambasted the claims by sharing snaps of them together from a recent ceremony.

“To come home with my wife from umghidi and us waking up to news of a separation was the funniest thing ever. Unfortunately fake news like this affects our families and people close to us. Thanks to everyone who’s been checking up on us. Your love and support means the world to us,” she captioned her post.