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Augusto Odone, inventor of 'Lorenzo's Oil', dies at 80

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Adrenoleukodystrophy, and MRI showing T2 weighted axial scan at the level of the caudate heads demonstrates marked loss of posterior white matter, with reduced volume and increased signal intensity.
Image by: Frank Gaillard

Augusto Odone, a former World Bank economist who invented a treatment to save his child's life, has died in his native Italy. He was 80.

His daughter Cristina Odone says her father died Thursday after suffering organ failure precipitated by a lung infection.

Odone's battle to help his son Lorenzo was depicted in a 1992 movie, "Lorenzo's Oil," with Nick Nolte playing the elder Odone.

Lorenzo was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy, a neurological disease, when he was 6. Doctors predicted he would die in childhood. But Augusto and his wife Michaela relentlessly sought treatment.

Augusto Odone taught himself enough science to formulate a concoction derived from natural cooking oils for Lorenzo. Studies later suggested the oil appears to delay symptoms.

Lorenzo died in 2008 at age 30.


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