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16 October 2020 - 20:01
By Ignition
Ignition TV
Image: Gui Yongnian/123RF Ignition TV

Oct 17-24


Ignition has all the shows you need to bring yourself up to date with the latest news and views from the world of motoring.

Mega Factories

From Ferrari to BMW, go behind the scenes as Mega Factories explores manufacturing Goliaths and brings to life some of the greatest one-of-a-kind factories in the world!

  • Broadcast times: Saturday 3PM | Sunday 11.AM | Monday 7.PM




With COVID-19 throwing a cat amongst the pigeons of our lives, it brought need for new playgrounds; XS Drift brings you the Driftfari 2020! Where four drifters go on a tour seeking the best highways, byways and raceways to take on.

  • Broadcast times: Saturday 8PM | Wednesday 9PM | Thursday 6PM
  • Start date: 24 October 2020


Ignition GT

The scalpel-sharp BMW X6 M Competition is in the hands of Ernest for a thorough testing. We chat to Bruno Senna, nephew of legendary Ayrton. And the Lexus RX was In The Garage.

  • Broadcast times: Saturday 10.30 AM | Sunday 4.30 PM | Wednesday 8.30 PM