Racial assault victim inspired by overwhelming response

01 August 2017 - 07:57
By Petru Saal
Terence Makapan
Image: Supplied Terence Makapan

Terence Makapan, who was at the centre of a racial attack in Stellenbosch at the weekend, is overwhelmed by the response he has received since posting about the incident.

"The response has mostly been positive," said Makapan. "Some were bad. I decided to not look at the comments because it did start to affect me negatively."

The 24-year-old from Camps Bay was visiting friends at Stellenbosch University when a man called him a "hotnot'' and then physically attacked him. He has laid assault charges with the police. 

Makapan, a freelance actor, said that he was taken by surprise when a lawyer from a human rights organisation phoned him to offer him advice.

"We have laid our charges, the police will be investigating and we will see what will come out of the investigation. I will not let this incident stop me. I will still be going to Stellenbosch. I am very vocal about being proud of one's heritage. I have always been a very proud Coloured man," Makapan said.