'He messed with the wrong HOTNOT', says victim of Stellenbosch racist attack

30 July 2017 - 12:59 By Petru Saal
Terence Makapan
Terence Makapan

A night out for a group of Stellenbosch University friends ended up in a bloodied nose for one and an injured jaw for another when they retaliated after a group of white men allegedly made racist remarks to one of them.

Terence Makapan posted about the incident on social media where he relays how a night out on the town with three of his friends took a turn for the worse in the early hours of Saturday morning.

“Early this morning‚ myself and three friends were walking to Springboks when we passed a small group of white guys. We heard the word ‘HOTNOT’ being uttered and we immediately stopped in our tracks. We demanded to know who uttered the word. One of them tried to get us to just walk on but we refused. Next thing I know‚ I'm being approached by one of other his friends with a rock in one hand he proceeds to punch me with his free hand‚” he said.

“With a bloodied nose‚ I got up and immediately started recording. The reason the recording ends quite abruptly‚ is because one of the others grabbed my phone and threw it across the road. Fortunately my phone is still working and the video was saved. He also hit my friend Du Toit in the face. It seems to be his favourite pastime.

“We then went to the campus police who were not helpful at all. After that we went to the police and I'm sorry to tell you‚ but the story doesn't get much better from here onward.”

Makapan explains that the police did not want to take down his statement as they said he was “too intoxicated”. They also did not want to take his friend’s statement because Makapan was swearing in the station‚ he said in the post.

“He messed with the wrong HOTNOT. I am not leaving this‚ I will be laying a criminal charge” Makapan ended his post.

His friends have offered him support on social media. Arielle Sive posted: “Unacceptable!! Hope you're okay Terence Makapan and hope you find the guy! There is absolutely no excuse for such behaviour!”

Erin Macpherson posted: “A friend of mine‚ Terence‚ was attacked in Stellenbosch by a group of racists! Please share this post to help Terence identify these men so that criminal charges can be pressed against them!”

Alexandra Cloete posted: “I'm so sorry about your terrible experience and hope justice comes through.”

“A common assault case was opened. No one has been arrested at this stage” said Cape Town SAPS spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana.

Martin Viljoen‚ spokesperson for Stellenbosch University‚ said: “Stellenbosch University (SU) maintains a policy of zero tolerance with regard to the violation of human rights‚ victimisation in any form‚ racism‚ classism‚ sexism and all other forms of discrimination. The University will also not hesitate to act against anyone making themselves guilty in this regard.

“It is thus with great concern that the University learnt of an alleged racist incident over the weekend in the town of Stellenbosch in which SU students and friends were allegedly subjected to racial slurs and being attacked. It is contrary to the values of our University and the culture of respect and human dignity that we would like to foster.

“It is unclear at this stage whether the incident took place on campus and whether it is in fact Stellenbosch University students that made slurs or attacked Mr Terence Makapan and his friends.

“Those affected are encouraged to lay charges at not only the South African Police Service‚ but also at Campus Security so that it can be followed up and investigated.”

RACIST ATTACK IN STELLENBOSCH: Early this morning, myself and 3 friends were walking to Springboks when we passed a...

Posted by Terence Makapan on Saturday, July 29, 2017