Ster-Kinekor disputes couple's version of cinema robbery

30 October 2017 - 16:34
By Naledi Shange
File photo of The Zone in Rosebank.
Image: The Zone @ Rosebank via Facebook. File photo of The Zone in Rosebank.

While a Johannesburg couple claims that it was robbed by a five-man gang while watching a movie at the Ster-Kinekor cinema at The Zone in Rosebank‚ the movie company has released a statement contradicting some of the couple's claims.

"Our investigation so far has found that it was not a group of people‚ but rather one individual who stole the customer’s belongings‚" Ster-Kinekor said in a statement.

News of the attack went viral on social media after the couple shared a post on their ordeal.

"Was robbed during a movie at The Zone Rosebank. No security or management present to help‚" the woman wrote on her Facebook page.

". . . Be careful‚ and protect each other out there. It’s a scary world we live in‚" she said.

A social media post attributed to her fiancé which was shared on Twitter asserts they were seated when the gang pounced.

Ster-Kinekor took to their social media pages where they said the safety of their staff and customers remained a priority.

"We are working with our cinema staff at The Zone to access CCTV footage and as Ster-Kinekor Theatres we are co-operating with the South African Police. The matter is being investigated following established guidelines as set down by the company‚ with the assistance of the mall’s security and local authorities‚" the company said.

"As an organisation‚ we would like to reiterate that customers be vigilant at all times‚ and to safeguard their personal belongings. This is communicated in all areas of the cinema complexes‚ via signage‚ posters and on-screen adverts‚” the company continued.

Customers blasted the cinema for the statement‚ saying there was nothing the couple could have done to prevent the incident.

"They got robbed! By a group of men in the cinema surrounding them! How exactly were they supposed to 'safeguard' their belongings? You’re making this their fault when it was not‚" replied one patron.

Sergeant Bonginkosi Mdletshe of the Rosebank police station said the couple's cellphones and a wallet had been taken.

No weapons were used.

Mdletshe said the couple claimed to have been alone in the cinema‚ watching a movie screened at 10pm‚ when they were approached by the attackers.

"It was only the two of them in the cinema when apparently‚ five guys attacked them but only two of them took their belongings‚" said Mdletshe.

A case of common robbery was being probed.