Nurse in 'dog faeces' assault case to stay behind bars, for now

14 August 2019 - 16:21
By Dan Meyer

A nurse accused of kidnapping her boyfriend's alleged mistress and ordering her to eat dog faeces tried, unsuccessfully, to quit her job afterwards at a hospital in Cape Town.

This emerged during the bail hearing of Elizabeth Williams, 38, at the Goodwood magistrate's court on Wednesday.

The incident on July 26 prompted an outcry after a video of the 27-year-old victim, purportedly being forced to eat faeces from a packet, was shared online.

It is alleged that the victim was having an affair with William's boyfriend. 

Williams, dressed in a blue tracksuit, walked up to the dock slowly from the cells. Breathing deeply, she looked nervous. She faces charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, intimidation and crimen injuria.

She was joined in the dock with four others accused of assisting her during the incident. Desmond Alexander, 42, and Amber Booysen, 21, handed themselves over to police on Tuesday.

Two more alleged accomplices, Porchia Jonkers, 26, and Princess Gopie, 35, were also in the dock.

The man at the centre of the lover's tiff, nicknamed "Jubee", was nowhere to be seen. 

The court heard that Williams had submitted a letter of resignation citing "personal circumstances" to Tygerberg Hospital, where she had been employed between four and five years, on August 5.

Magistrate Bukiwa Sambudla requested that the person responsible for rejecting the letter be subpoenaed to elaborate on the reasons for rejecting the termination of her contract. 

After a two-hour adjournment, Phillip Wolfhart, head of administration and human resources at Tygerberg Hospital arrived and testified that the resignation letter was rejected because William's had failed to give the stipulated one month's notice.

"We have to investigate whether the name of the hospital has been brought into disrepute," he said. 

Asked if Williams was still regarded as an employee of the hospital, he said yes. "Should she be released on bail, management would have to consider whether it was advisable to have her work in a different environment," he said. 

He insisted that she would not be able to work elsewhere during her suspension, as she would not be given the required endorsement from the hospital. 

The matter was postponed to August 19.