She overcame a series of unfortunate events, including Covid-19

23 July 2020 - 06:00
By Tanya Farber
Liz Sparg shared her story of recovering from Covid-19.
Image: Supplied Liz Sparg shared her story of recovering from Covid-19.

Just because there’s a pandemic and you get infected doesn’t make you immune to other forms of bad luck — like a tree falling through your roof and having no electricity for nearly three days.

This is what book editor Liz Sparg, 59, learnt about life in recent weeks.

“It was around June 22 when I had an ache behind the eye and a feeling like shingles on my skin, but not as bad,” she said.

She also had some nausea and felt tired, “but nothing in the chest during that first week”.

That came in week two, along with the “the typical dry cough, more tiredness and nausea, and an upset stomach”.

It was “quite a range of symptoms, but nothing too dire”, she says, adding that she was in bed for three days.

While her husband David Mayson, 58, had fatigue for quite a while, on day 15 she “bounced back”.

“Having a tree fall through the roof — that was a real shot of adrenaline!” she added.

It happened during one of Cape Town’s biggest storms of the last few years.

“We heard a big crack and the Norfolk pine tree had split. The one half came crashing into the house,” she said.

Then, also because of the storm, “we had two and a half days of no electricity”.

“It was a real Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events,” she said, referring to the popular series of books.

“Now my husband and I are both fine. We were lucky that it was all rather mild as we are bordering on 60. I have been for a walk on the mountain and I clearly don't have any persisting symptoms.”

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