WATCH | Shocking moment driver is flung out of window during crash - and walks away

24 May 2018 - 10:25
By TimesLIVE

CCTV footage captured the shocking moment a driver was flung through the window of his overturning car and walked away unscathed from a high speed pile-up.

The accident took place in the city of Kolomyia in Ukraine on Sunday. In the footage, the Fiat Doblo can be seen approaching the intersection while a silver-grey Mazda waits its turn. Suddenly a silver Mercedes shoots out from the road on the Fiat's left, ramming into the side of the vehicle.

The Fiat is knocked into a spin, crashing into the Mazda then flipping over. As the Fiat overturns, the driver is shoved out of the window and leaps to his feet. The passengers and drivers of the other vehicles all quickly get out of their respective vehicles, stunned by what has happened.

According to Mail Online, the drivers and passengers of all three vehicles were taken to hospital. All were released that same day.