7 things every parent needs to know before braving 'Disney on Ice'

04 July 2017 - 11:13
By Shanthini Naidoo
The 'The Lion King' stampede scene from 'The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice' 2017.
Image: Supplied The 'The Lion King' stampede scene from 'The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice' 2017.

The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice is back in town and young kids are champing at the bit to go.

Durban is already sold out, so if you're in Joburg and Cape Town, best you book now to avoid being 'the worst parent in the world'.

Here are 7 things every parent needs to know before braving the show:

  1. Even the littlest Disney fan will need a ticket. You'll have to purchase a 'Babe in arms' ticket for children under two, even if they'll be sitting on your lap.
  2. If you're watching an evening show, expect traffic for days. The rookie parent will be stuck in this traffic and, sadly, will have to miss the show. Call granny as backup.
  3. The seating at Joburg's Ticketpro Dome has been sorted out, finally. Brilliant positioning and gradient this year. (Previous years were a disaster with cable ties and moving plastic garden chairs.)
  4. Health-conscious parents will need to come to terms with the fact that your kids will have popcorn, candyfloss, mini donuts, chips and dip or chicken nuggets for dinner. Plus some colourful frozen sugar water to wash it all down; it comes in a light-up cup this year. Prepare to express horror at the fact that the candyfloss is R100, as is the popcorn with the Olaf mask.
  5. Expect to feel a tad inadequate - or jealous - as you arrive at the photo booth and find uber-organised mums in Minnie Mouse dress (plus ears) with daughters in matching princess costumes. So. Many. Princesses.
  6.  “I want that. I want that!” There will be flashing light sticks and wheels with Disney characters on them at every turn. Start prepping older kids not demand themed paraphernalia at least a week before; go with the pollution to the environment angle.
  7. You'll have to lug around an ever-increasing pile of warm fluffy hats and jackets as your little ones derobe. It's warm in the arena despite the ice; must be collective energy of thousands of Disney addicts.

Is this year's show any good?

Shanthini Naidoo gives a blow-by-blow account of this year's Disney on Ice show, which she attended with her two children:

  • The lights go down. Excitement bubbles and the kids are quiet.
  • Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! And Minnie, Donald and Goofy. The young kids are in raptures. This is already worth the small fortune families forked out to be here.
  • Why did they have to start with that scene from The Lion King? Mufasa is dead. (sniff)
  • Amazing stampede! The herd costumes are unbelievable, are they really on ice skates?
  • Yay, Aladdin and lovely dancers. The Casbah and palace sets are fabulous.
  • Snow White, meh. All these disempowered princesses. But the girls are enthralled.
  • Skits from Finding Dory, and then a break.
  • How do people get lost this late in the show? Ooooh, they are just arriving. Traffic nightmares.
  • Why are people queuing for junk food like this? This hotdog is DELICIOUS!
  • Why is my child pouring popcorn on her head? That is R100 gone. 
  • So much spandex in the second half. Treat for the adults, then.
  • Aaaah, it’s Frozen! Look at Arendell!
  • Fairy-tale re-enactment. What a great script Frozen has. Love the costumes, Elsa’s dress lights up. The children are zombies.
  • Let it go. Let it gooooooooo. (singing)
  • Isn’t Olaf the best?
  • M-i-c-k-e-y. M. O. U. S. E. (singing)
  • Time to go home. More traffic. Disney-drunk children are asleep in seconds.
  • Can’t wait for next year. I wonder if Moana will be in it?

• 'The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice' is on until 9 July at The Ticketpro Dome in Northgate, Joburg. The show then moves to Durban's ICC from July 13 - 16 (SOLD OUT), and finally Cape Town's Grand West Casino & Entertainment World from July 19 - 23. Tickets are available at Computicket.