Mbuyiseni Ndlozi rejects Bianca Schoombee's apology: 'No one should forgive racism'

21 May 2020 - 09:42
By Unathi Nkanjeni
Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has no kind words for Bianca Schoombee following the resurfacing of her old
Image: Gallo images Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has no kind words for Bianca Schoombee following the resurfacing of her old "racist" tweets which saw her withdrawing her entry into Miss South Africa 2020.

EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi says he has not forgiven Bianca Schoombee following the resurfacing of old “racist” tweets which saw her withdraw her entry in Miss SA 2020.

The model made the trending list for “racists” tweets that she posted in 2014.

In some of the tweets, Schoombee referred to the “N-word”, repeatedly used the word “bitches” and body-shamed women.

Schoombee issued a public apology after her offensive posts, saying: “In light of recent events — the discovery of my Tweets from six years ago when I was 14 — I would like to profusely apologise for putting this out into the universe.”

SYNC Models, an agency claiming to represent Schoombee, said the 20-year-old was no longer the “old person”.

“I don’t forgive you. Go get your forgiveness from De Klerk and the Springbok! Your racism has nothing to do with individuals,” said Nldozi.

Ndlozi said the system of white privilege made Schoombee and that will always make her a “racist”.

“Being white is very powerful. You don’t need to be 'forgiven' by victims of your racism. You just 'forgive' yourself,” he said on Twitter.

Ndlozi also insists that racism should never be forgiven.

“Racism doesn’t even recognise you as a forgiving being. After all, how can you ask a dog to forgive you for always putting it in chains?” he said.

He told Schoombee to forgive herself because the “dog has no power to forgive”.

Ndlozi adds that no one can outgrow racism.

“You can’t outgrow and leave racism in teenage years. You transform it, burying it deep in your sub-conscience.

“From time to time, it will slip out in jokes, dreams, taste, anger, enjoyment and aesthetics of white privilege. No one should forgive racism, it should be destroyed,” he said.