Sorry Shimza, Kaybee ain't about to unblock you over Club Controller

09 March 2018 - 09:19
By Kyle Zeeman
Prince Kaybee spilled the tea on his feud with Shimza.
Image: Via Kaybee's Instagram Prince Kaybee spilled the tea on his feud with Shimza.

The feud between DJ Shimza and Prince Kaybee has been escalating at a rapid pace and took another twist on Thursday when Kaybee said he had no intention to unblock Shimza from social media or work with him in the future.

The feud between the two music heavyweights first caught fire when Kaybee claimed Shimza was playing his song Club Controller without crediting him, and later blocked him on Twitter. 

Just hours after Shimza told TshisaLIVE he had no desire to be in the same studio as his rival, Kaybee told WTF with Tumi Morake that he blocked Shimza because he refused to give him props.

"No. I won't unblock him. I don't like negative energy. There was a time, after he knew the song was mine, that he tweeted about it using a different name. He gave the song the wrong title. I felt that was negative. He knew whose song it is. So, I just blocked him."

Kaybee made it clear that there would be no 'peace making' collab anytime soon. 

"I take nothing from Shimza. I feel like music is a peaceful thing. You shouldn't force it because you've had beef. I don't see myself working with him."

Earlier this week Kaybee took shots at Shimza when he told YFM that they were in different leagues. "AMG's can't perform with Picantos", he said, which many fans saw him comparing himself to Shimza.