Men confuse my respect for stupidity, says Mshoza

15 June 2018 - 06:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Mshoza says that she learnt important love lessons from her last relationship.
Image: Via Mshoza's Instagram Mshoza says that she learnt important love lessons from her last relationship.

Mshoza, who was allegedly left bruised and feared for her life after a fallout with her estranged husband, says that often her partners mistake her respect for weakness.

Mshoza cancelled several gigs and was placed under 24-hour protection last month after she fled the home she shared with Thuthukani Mvula. 

Police confirmed to TshisaLIVE that Thuthukani was arrested on charges of assault and released on R5,000 bail and would appear again in court later this month. 

Just days after coming out of hiding, Mshoza spoke about the incident and said that she seemed to attract men who were insecure and who confused her obedience for stupidity.

"Love has never done anything wrong to me, only the people that I fall for. I fall for people who can't separate between respect and stupidity. They confuse my respect for stupidity. That is where it goes wrong. I told myself that my next relationship I have to teach the person how to love me and how to understand me. I am very obedient, however I am very smart at the same time, which I don't really portray out there.

"Sometimes you want to act a bit dumber than your man because you don't want them to feel like... they are less than a man. But when you do that, they tend to think you are nothing."

The star also claimed that one of the reasons she cancelled her shows was because she had allegedly been receiving threats.

Her manager Thanduxolo Jindela told TshisaLIVE this week that the star was still recovering but was "unapologetic and stronger than before."

"She has lost a lot of time in the public eye and she wants to make up for it. She is stronger. She is not the same person she was when she went into hiding. She is not shaking anymore. She isn't down or feeling sorry for herself. Her first show will be very soon but people will start seeing her from this week."