Smitten! Boity spills some deets on her new love & enigmatic lover

29 September 2018 - 14:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Presenter and rapper Boity Thulo is in love.
Image: Instagram/Boity Thulo Presenter and rapper Boity Thulo is in love.

Just like everything else in her life, Boity Thulo's love life has also been flourishing. 

During an interview with Drum magazine Boity revealed that she is in fact happy in a relationship with a mysterious businessman, whose identity she's not yet willing to expose.

"He might tap into the industry through business but he's not a musician or an actor. The timing of the relationship is great and the pace is balanced. I'm in a really good space in my relationship," she said.

Boity said she felt that everything was going great in her life and that she's focusing her time and energy on things that matter the most to her, such as her relationship and her thriving career.

It looks like she also made good on her promise to herself that she ain't ever gonna date a broke guy. Boity told Touch HD's Rorisang Thandekiso back in February that she needed a man who could look after her.

"Do you think I'd get married to a broke man," Boity asked Rori, who also agreed that it wasn't an option.

"I am done with men who are broke. I don't even care what anybody says about it. What do you think must happen if you don't have money? No man, I work really hard and I am not willing to step into a marriage where I have everything and you have nothing," she said at the time.

The presenter-turned-rapper shared that despite the negative commentary she's gotten for her "over-achiever" status whenever she tries something new, she's learnt to roll with the punches and just stay and slay in her own lane.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently the rapper also squashed the "ghost writer" speculation on social media over her new hip-hop track Wuz Dat, making it clear that while she may have gotten help in arranging her words, she definitely penned her own bars.

"Why won't people just let me be great?" she asked before laughing.

"But on the real, this is how the process was. I would write my ideas and my words and because Nasty knows how to put the words into... I don't know how to say it, a rapping format he would advise me and say, 'maybe you should put this word there' for better flow and stuff. So he (Nasty) was very instrumental in teaching me how create a rap song from start to finish. It was great working with him because he's so great and he's so patient, plus he's a musical genius so he made the process easier for me."