Nomzamo Mbatha dragged for making Thuso Mbedu win 'all about her'

Meanwhile, Nomzamo's team have slammed the criticism against her

17 April 2019 - 12:08
By Kyle Zeeman
Nomzamo Mbatha was given an L on social media for her congratulatory message to Thuso.
Image: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Nomzamo Mbatha was given an L on social media for her congratulatory message to Thuso.

Nomzamo Mbatha once again found her name on the Twitter trends list on Wednesday after she was dragged for her congratulatory message to Thuso Mbedu, in which she mentioned that she also auditioned for the same role.

Thuso was the toast of Mzansi on Tuesday evening when it was confirmed that she had scored the lead role, Cora, in Barry Jenkins’ adaptation of Pulitzer Prize–winning novel The Underground Railroad.

Nomzamo was one of the first to congratulate Thuso on the gig.

"When I auditioned and found out I was pinned for this role I couldn't stop jumping with excitement. Now finding out that a deserving homegirl got it makes the loss so sweet! Congratulations, Thuso. I know you will do Cora so much justice. Barry Jenkins this is amazing!" she wrote.

But social media users thought Nomzamo's joy was fake and that she was trying to make the announcement all about her. 

She was also accused of being bitter and jealous.

While others saw nothing wrong with the tweet.

While Nomzamo has since deleted the tweet, her team told TshisaLIVE it was sad to see people jumping to conclusions.

"It’s unfortunate that as people we choose to see the negative or take offence in how anyone does anything differently from what we think is the 'right' way. The saddest is the gleefulness and trigger happiness in running with character assassination of someone you don’t know personally," Nomzamo's US agent Krystal Thorp said.

Krystal also slammed the criticism. 

"Anyone who personally knows Nomzamo Mbatha can attest to how genuine and loving a spirit she is. She harbours no ill-will towards anyone, is always on ready to lend a hand and congratulate. One of the few true genuine ones you’ll find, with her heart always on her sleeve."