Til next time: Kelly Rowland says goodbye to her 'second home', Mzansi

14 December 2022 - 12:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Kelly Rowland has returned to the US with a full heart.
Image: Denvor de Wee Kelly Rowland has returned to the US with a full heart.

US star Kelly Rowland has gone back to the US, leaving what she calls her second home. 

On Twitter recently, she said she was off and thanked Mzansi. “SA. Thank you for always filling my cup with so much love! Til next time."

After being asked what she enjoyed most about this country, Kelly, who has been in South Africa since last week, listed a few foods, accents and being able to hang out.

“Everybody is so warm. I hope what you give I give back ten-fold. I feel so warm and welcome here. I love the soul of this place. The soul of this country is so beautiful and the culture. It makes me feel at home and welcome.”

Kelly partnered with Brutal Fruit to shoot a commercial in April, making headlines. She explained why she agreed to be a part of the campaign. 

“It was a really beautiful way to authentically connect with the women of South Africa, to be able to have this shared space, because the commercial was so much fun. Shooting it with them was so much fun.”

“It's the vibration here that I feel very much connected to and grateful for, and I talk about it everywhere I go — that South Africa is my second home,” she said.