Unathi Nkayi ‘ready for war’ as she plans documentary on legal battle with Kaya 959

31 May 2023 - 12:40
By Joy Mphande
Unathi Nkayi is set to launch a documentary on her legal battle with Kaya 959.
Image: Masi Losi Unathi Nkayi is set to launch a documentary on her legal battle with Kaya 959.

Unathi Nkayi has promised to finally answer all questions regarding her legal battle with Kaya 959 in an upcoming documentary. 

In November 2021 the media personality was fired from the radio station after her dispute with TV and radio presenter Sizwe Dhlomo, who she accused of verbal abuse and unprofessional conduct.

The media personality said she plans to share her side of the story at the end of her high court case against the radio station. 

"Through our production company, we've started shooting my documentary, and I promise I will tell you everything at the end of the case. I'll share all documents and you'll finally get both sides of the story," she said in a video shared on Instagram

Unathi thanked her followers for their support: "I know what to expect. This could last me a few months, or it could last me a few years. I want to assure you I have been saving for 18 months since they fired me because I knew this day would come.

Unathi Nkayi sues Kaya 959 for R1.6m
10 months ago

"I have some very powerful and wealthy people who have backed me up to say they are not going to allow me to see this through alone, so finances are not going to be an issue. Psychologically I am fortified as well. The worst has happened."

Unathi’s legal representative David Feinberg confirmed to TshisaLIVE the radio personality issued a high court summons against Kaya 959.

The summons reflect Unathi is suing Kaya 959 for R1.3m for contractual damages, R100,000 for delictual damages, and R200,000 for the infringement of her right to dignity, which adds up to R1.6m. 

During a sit-down on Gareth Cliff's Uncancelled in early March, Unathi spoke about how her life had been affected after leaving the radio station. She said "everybody stopped calling" her and giving her business.

"If I hadn’t paid my mortgage ahead in 2007, my house would’ve been taken from what Kaya did to me. For the past year I didn’t pay my mortgage at all because I was so ahead."

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