Slikour & Melissa ask for privacy amid ‘cheating and abuse’ allegations

‘While we acknowledge these challenges, we also would like the opportunity to work through them privately’

11 February 2024 - 22:35
By Joy Mphande
Image: Instagram/ Siya Metane Siyabonga "Slikour" Metane and his wife Melissa Wilkinson break their silence.

Siyabonga “Slikour” Metane and his wife Melissa Wilkinson have responded to allegations of abuse and infidelity.

This after Sunday World reported that the hip-hop star was dumped by his wife who allegedly accused him of emotionally “abusing and cheating on her”.

In a joint statement, shared on Sunday, the couple said they were aware of the allegations and wanted to work through them privately.

“We have been married for over five years, and as with every marriage, we have our own trials and tribulations to face and overcome. While we acknowledge these challenges, we also would like the opportunity to work through them privately,” read the statement.

“As parents, we are both very committed to building a happy and healthy home not only for ourselves but most importantly for our children. We request that our marriage and family be treated with respect and sensitivity, allowing us our right to privacy.”

The couple marked five years of their union in October 2022, and rapper and businessman Slikour has frequently taken to his timeline to gush over his wife.

In one of his many Instagram posts, Slikour spoke about his perspective on the constitution of marriage.

“As boys, we [are] fascinated by how much money or how many luxury cars or material things others have. You then get married and your fascination becomes something money can’t buy — time. When you hear other people say they’ve been married for 20 to 30 years, you look at them with so much fascination and respect for that time.

“Marriage doesn’t kill our dreams, love or innocence nor does it remove the challenges, temptations, distractions, complacency or any of our sins. Ironically it puts them all in a spotlight, and it’s a path to confront our strengths and weaknesses with someone who has the time and faith to see you find the best version of yourself in the journey of life, with love being in the middle of it.”