Kill thy neighbour: Alex attack brings home SA's shame

The brutality of South Africans turning on their neighbours was brought home yesterday morning as people stood by while a Mozambican man was stalked, stabbed and killed as he lay in township filth, pleading for his life.

Former Eskom boss ‘bent the rules’ to favour Gupta mines

Ousted Eskom boss Zola Tsotsi bent the power utility’s rules to push through a R400-million-a-year coal supply contract for the powerful and connected Gupta family.

No action yet on Phiyega in top cop's fraud case

Western Cape police chief Arno Lamoer's penchant for snappy clothes from Markhams and Truworths could lead to him wearing an orange prison uniform.

Mac Maharaj says goodbye to the ‘bastards’

Mac Maharaj told journalists nothing but the truth as Zuma’s spokesman, he tells Sam Mkokeli

Xenophobic violence in Gauteng continues unabated

More than 60 people have been arrested in Gauteng following a spate of xenophobic violence in the province.

Comment: Toxic brew may ignite at any moment

They say the police drove slowly behind the marauding mob — keeping a polite distance — as if fearful of offending it with their presence.

From the DRC’s hell to victimisation in SA

“I was not safe in the DRC. I was not safe in Joburg, now I am not safe in Durban. I don’t know what to do. I can only pray,” said Alex Musambia.

More than 350 foreigners killed - but only one murder conviction

Ebrahim Mohamed Ali knows why his brother Abubakar was killed - it was because he was a Somali.

No arrests in deaths involving foreigners

Like Mozambican Ernesto Nhamuave, who became known as the “Burning Man” after pictures of his agonising death were sent into the world, Ethiopian Tesema Marcus suffered a similar death a week ago.

SA expatriates keeping their bags packed ‘just in case’

AS the tension from three weeks of xenophobic violence intensifies, South African companies operating elsewhere on the continent are on high alert following threats of tit-for-tat attacks on expatriates.
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Mediterranean graveyard, the nameless dead of Malta

Many who perished in last weekend's migrant boat disaster have ended up in this island nation, where they'll be buried next to migrants who lost their lives in previous tragedies.

How the jailed Mandela tried to deal with the Winnie crisis

Former intelligence chief Niël Barnard started top-secret talks with Nelson Mandela in prison in the late 1980s.

When our leaders add fuel to the flames

The townships of KwaZulu-Natal are on fire. Dead bodies have been left in the wake of this mayhem, which shows no sign of abating.

So many questions on xenophobia

Violence against foreigners erupted after certain remarks were made about them by Edward Zuma and King Goodwill Zwelithini. Chris Barron asked the president’s son...
Outgoing DA leader Helen Zille and the party’s parliamentary leader, Mmusi Maimane, at a 2014 election rally in Johannesburg.

Maimane facing the challenge of weighty expectations for future success

Next year’s local government poll, and articulating a credible message for it, is the test Helen Zille’s successor will have to pass — and time is limited, writes Tony Leon.

And we still deny the attacks against foreigners are xenophobic

The savage attacks on foreigners have stunned and embarrassed us all. We’re at a loss for words and we seemed unaware that we were capable of such depravity.

Owen Da Gama fingered for U-23s’ exit

South Africa Under-23 head coach Owen Da Gama is set to be hauled over the coals, with even his future potentially discussed, when he meets SA Football Association CEO Dennis Mumble this week.
Heyneke Meyer (Head Coach) of South Africa

Heyneke tense as he watches injuries mount

Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer admits he is frustrated, nervous, emotional and tense as he watches weekend after weekend of Super Rugby, wishing he could get more time with his players in a World Cup year.

PSL's young player award may be poisoned chalice

With the Premier Soccer League (PSL) soon to bring down the curtain on another season, one of the more widely debated accolades will come under scrutiny and the young player of the year award will once again put an emerging talent under the microscope.

The moment in Auckland that will continue to haunt Proteas

Nothing exists in SA cricket, circa 2014-15, before or after the moment in which a skinny, bearded bloke from Joburg smashed Dale Steyn for six on an electric evening at Eden Park last month.

Boxing SA on the ropes as staff stay away

Boxing SA (BSA) has descended into chaos and the sports body’s operations have ground to a standstill as disgruntled staff members continue to stay away from work.

Molefe given SA's worst job - ending load-shedding

Transnet boss Brian Molefe has stepped into the country's hottest seat after Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown named him as acting CEO of Eskom on Friday.

Xenophobia hits MTN, Sasol square on

South African companies with operations north of the border are suffering a fierce backlash from this week's wave of xenophobic violence, blamed on remarks by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini.

R100bn splurge on share buybacks

SA firms are major players in the global buyback mania, which, some say, is fed by executive greed.

Municipal defaulters feel the freeze

Eskom's threat last week to cut bulk power to the worst municipal defaulters had the desired effect as some rushed to set up payment plans to keep the lights on.

Will Old Mutual come back to SA?

The appointment of former Liberty Group CEO Bruce Hemphill as new CEO of rival Old Mutual this week has left the market guessing about the insurers' intentions.

Helping clients navigate their sunset years

Hayden Lansdell is divisional manager in Pretoria at financial planning group GCI Wealth. He says integrity is key for his job, followed by fairness.

Pearl Thusi's addicted to watching her money multiply

TV and radio presenter, actress and modelling agency owner Pearl Thusi, 26, talks about being enterprising and her penchant for fast cars and property.
Online job application CV

4 ways to make sure your CV gets read

When we meet people face to face we have a small window of time to make a good first impression - and the same applies when we send a CV to a potential employer.

The creator of 'Mad Men' on life after the final episode airs

Matthew Weiner defied studio bosses and bean counters to write something he believed in - and kept on doing it till his hit show 'Mad Men' came to a bittersweet end, writes Jane Mulkerrins.
Woman crying in office.

25 signs you've hit middle age

When 50-year-olds are having babies and tweens are running business empires, is there still such a thing as middle age? Yes, and here's how you know you've hit it.
Painter Nelson Makamo and designer Olé Ledimo mix cloth and canvas.

An arty fashion collaboration sees clothes become canvases

Fashion for fashion lovers and art for art aficionados, right? Well, not necessarily. These two disciplines rarely merge in one creative project, but it can be done.
Amy Ayanda, Albany Lore, Thor Rixon, Jana Babez, Umlilo.

Saving us from our 'harmful' diets, one music video at a time

Cape muso Thor Rixon wants to change the world with a tune that's tickling YouTube's taste buds.

The Conch: These are fragrant violations

The person in the library was wearing what I'd describe as a "loud" fragrance, which is to say it was rather overbearing. I went to sit in a "quieter" section of the library.

Cruising the sacred water's of the Ganges

On the only cruise ship built to navigate India's shallow Ganges, Bob Maddams sails from the heart of the Raj to the holy city of Varanasi.

Accidental Tourist: The party people of Peru are a jol to see

It seems that Peruvians will use any excuse to host a lively, colourful gathering, writes Tania Auby.

My Kind of Holiday: Tiffany Prior, owner of Ice Model Management

Tiffany Prior, the fashion programme director for the Vodacom Durban July, on London and the bliss of Mauritius.
Rockets sailing across the sky during a festival on a Greek isle.

Travel competition: Where in the world?

Tell us the name of the island in this photo to stand a chance to win R500.

Peter's Post: Amsterdam's best festivals

Our travel expert, Peter Malherbe, answers queries on routes and destinations around the world.
Ring-tailed lemur.

Madagascar's an evolutionary Noah's Ark

Twenty years after the conservationist Gerald Durrell died, new species are emerging on Madagascar at the rate of one per week writes Richard Madden.
A detail of the artworks in the replica cave, the Caverne du Pont-d'Arc, in Vallon Pont d'Arc, France.

Stone Age Frenchmen & the start of art

An intricate replica of some of the earliest-ever cave paintings - and the cave they were found in - opens this week in south-central France, writes Anthony Peregrine.
The infinity pool at Zimbali Lodge looks out over miles of rare coastal forest.

Weekend Escape: Hurray for (Zim)baliwood

Think Zimbali and you think luxury but, as Shelley Seid discovers, this exclusive KwaZulu-Natal resort is a treat for nature lovers too.
The action at a colourful Ethiopian market.

Readers' World: Ethopia's Old Town is seriously snapworthy

Allen Schultz spends some time photographing the ancient walled city of Harar.
Camembert-stuffed sirloin streaks

Around the world in 5 artisinal cheese recipes

From French camembert to Dutch gouda, South Africa is producing some top notch 'international' cheeses. We've made the most of them in these winning recipes.
Quirky illustration of cheese

Rumblings: You can live without ice cream, but not without cheese

Carlos Amato doesn't feel like he's missing out much because he's lactose intolerant. That said, there's one food he really wishes wasn't off the menu.

South Africa’s developing a taste for gourmet cheese

‘Plastic’ processed cheese still comes tops at the tills but, don’t turn your nose up at it, it can lead to ‘better’ things.
Fides Grenache Blanc 2013, R150 a bottle.

Wine of the week: Fides Grenache Blanc 2013

Some rules are meant to be broken, or at least bent a little, such as red wine with meat and white wine with fish. Which red or white wine? Which meat or fish? More importantly, which sauce?
Apple tarte tatin with cheese crust

Just desserts: Apple tarte tatin with cheese crust

This classic French tart gets a savoury edge with addition of a sprinkling of mature cheese.
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