DA leader Mmusi Maimane, who is celebrating his birthday on Wednesday, insists he is 'not interested in games politicians play', and that, 'at my core, I do care. Genuinely.'

One of Mmusi Maimane’s shortfalls is that he is too much of a nice guy.

When a radio station recently reported that he had claimed to be a “mini Mandela”‚ he took a public roasting.

Maimane did not attempt to explain that the comment was taken out of context and what he actually said was that‚ like Mandela‚ people accuse him of selling out.

When the truth emerged‚ Maimane did not taunt the media or demand an apology.

At the end of an extensive interview I did with Maimane last week‚ I asked him how he felt about the episode.

“I was livid and hurt‚” he responded.

I wondered why‚ then‚ did he not say anything. I tried to imagine what his opposite number in the EFF‚ Julius Malema‚ would have done had something similar happened with him.