See how your star sign or alignments can help your fashion resolutions this year.
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With January kicking off the new year and ushering in the many changes and resolutions people commit to, a great way to embody a renewed focus is through how we dress.

Looking at each zodiac sign, we've put together all the fashion resolutions you need to make for your wardrobe. Whether you need to embody the spirit of your star sign or add a little zest to your closet based on how they are placed in your different houses, see what style notes you can take, from the fiery Aries to methodical Capricorn.

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Vetements menswear Fall/Winter 2019-2020.
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A model walks at the Ozwald Boateng Harlem Runway Show.
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Famed for their ambition and boldness, Aries are a no mess, no fuss, strong-willed bunch. The sign's assigned colour is red, which can be empowering for them. Monochromatic colours are great ways to take charge, even with a little red dress. For the chillier seasons, make sure to have a statement piece like totes or jackets that you can make your go-to staple.
A close-up at a Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection.
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A model walks the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023.
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While they're famed for being stubborn, Taureans are also one of the most dependable signs. Out of all the earth signs (including Capricorn and Virgo) Taurus is perhaps the most likely to enjoy the delicacies of the world. 

Look to lush emerald shades and forest green pieces and accessories. And for those big nights out, sumptuous flowing garments or romantic designs would help you lean into your inner Taurean.

A look from the 2021 Gucci Love Parade.
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Moschino Spring/Summer 2023.
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It's never a snoozefest around Geminis, who value spontaneity and optimism. Their bright personalities are best matched by their sign colour, yellow, which can give any look a much-needed spark. Don't be scared to be bold in shades of canary yellow or bumblebee.
Saint Laurent SS24 menswear.
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A model walks for the Simone Rocha show at London Fashion Week.
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When thinking of silver your mind might go to metallics, accessories and an element of being posh. However, for a star sign run by the moon, Cancerians are highly in tune with their emotions as softies who go with the rollercoaster of the feelings we all experience. Lean into your sensitive side with soft silver hues that can be balanced with contrasting colours in professional spaces or personal settings. Tulle, silk fabrics or ruffled details are great additions to tap into embodying your more delicate dispositions.
A model walks for Ruald Rheeder at SA Menswear Week, spring summer 24.
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A model walks for Tom Ford SS24.
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This is not a star sign for the meek and if you are, best take cues from the ferocity that is expected from these signs. Not ones to hide their love of who they are, Leos can opt for their assigned colours gold or orange to spice up their closets. You can pair bold colours with neutral colours like black or beige, otherwise feel free to embrace colour blocking golds with cool tones and orange with warm tones that are closest to it, like pink, purple or red.
Ann Demeulemeester autumn/winter 2020.
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Scenes from Issey Miyake's Paris Fashion Week Womenswear winter 21.
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Represented by the goddess of agriculture, Virgos have both feet firmly on the ground. Logical and practical, quality comes to the fore for these signs, so it should be no surprise a classic colour like brown is associated with them. 

Whether its work or play, Virgos can look to functional items they can transition between as the zodiac's busybodies. Whether it's uniforms or fads like quiet luxury, look for pieces that best marry whatever gender expression you have with a minimal approach.

Chanel spring/summer 23.
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A model walks for Frank Bespoke at SA Menswear Week SS24.
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While pretty in pink might be directly attributed to women's clothing, for Libra, pink is a colour that can be quite calming for a sign that celebrates balance and harmony. Leaning into your preppy side, look for tweeds or prints like gingham that embrace the sugary tone or complement blazers, sweaters or shoes with statement pieces that bring a look together.
Versace FW23 Show at Pacific Design Center.
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A model walks the runway for Celine at The Wiltern.
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Often misunderstood, Scorpio is a quiet sign that values introspection which can make them mysterious and quite secretive. Lean into the ambiguity of life with eras like the 70s or 90s, with chic ensembles that marry pieces from men and womenswear as you please. The sign is also revered for its sex appeal, so look to embrace your body through skin-tight fits, lower necklines or cut-outs.
Prada menswear, autumn/winter 2021.
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Loewe, spring/summer 2024.
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With a fearsome need to learn and discover new things, Sagittarius demands a wardrobe that reflects their travels and wisdom. Their colour is purple, which symbolises creativity and spirituality which they can best embody through pops of colour in their ensembles or loose fitting boxy cuts that allow them to pursue the many different environments they find themselves in.
Victoria Beckham, autumn/winter 2020.
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Models walk the runway during the Thom Browne Menswear Spring Summer 2023 show.
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Loved for their passion to take on leadership positions, Capricorns are driven by ambition and a need to be seen as professionals in their fields.

As a neutral colour, grey brings the traditionalist and conservative nature of Capricorn to the fore. Look for items with fun pops of colour or opt for pieces where designer logos or colourways can shine.

Valentino Haute Couture, Fall/Winter 2023/2024.
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Fendi Couture Haute Couture, Spring Summer 2023.
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The daydreamers of the star signs, Aquarians can look to blue as a colour that helps push boundaries and encourages a creative approach to their style. This colour can be great for adding looser flowing fits that would allow these air signs to express themselves through an assortment of accessories.
Thebe Magugu presents the first international runway as part of V&A's Fashion in Motion series at The V&A.
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Valentino, spring/summer 2024.
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Put Pisces into any situation and they will learn to adapt. While their intellect is revered, Pisces can be quite sensitive. Cooler tones of green are their chosen colours as it is as mutable as they are, whether they are in hermit mode or in social situations they are not expecting. As an insightful bunch, their love for well-designed garments can be a conversation starter when they are looking to share insights with others.


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