Thembi Seete at her 'Idols' Season 18 top 10 performance.
Image: Oupa Bopape
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While the quest for the fountain of youth continues, some celebs have seemingly drunk of its elusive waters. 

Actress Thembi Seete shared some of her beauty secrets with TshisaLIVE, revealing some of the treatments she’s undergone at Skin Renewal that have allowed her to age like fine wine. 

What treatments have you had done and why?

I have done a combination of skin treatments at Skin Renewal mainly to address skin tightening and pigmentation to give me a lovely glow and a natural refreshed look. Treatments vary from chemicals peels, carboxytherapy and laser genesis to microneedling and radiofrequency needling.

I also had laser treatment to remove my dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) marks, also known as Morgan Freeman spots. And I absolutely love the non-surgical rhinoplasty. It has improved the shape of my nose. I knew from a very early age that you need to take care of yourself. My work requires a lot of makeup every day. Workdays are long, so tiredness and stress can make my skin feel and look dull. You need a professional to do a deep cleanse.


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You recently tried out an experience at Skin Renewal. How was that?

My experience was excellent. Owing to work and mom life, I’m stressed. From the second I walked into the clinic, the environment relaxed me. The staff were friendly and very professional. Everyone there was fantastic.

How often do you visit the clinic?

I visit the clinic once a month. My results have been good. I have a demanding schedule, and sometimes I’m exhausted and drained. The treatments help to make my face look radiant. Consistency is important.

Your name often comes up when people think of the quip ‘black don’t crack’. What are your beauty secrets?

‘Black don’t crack’ — that is funny! Look, there is no such thing as not ageing. We are all ageing. It’s a matter of enjoying your inner youth and taking care of yourself by eating healthily and getting enough rest.

What’s your beauty secret?

Never go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. Keep your skin hydrated, and drink as much water as possible. I eat healthily and I'm consistent with my facial treatments.


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