A group of people have set up home on a pavement in Standard Street, Blairgowrie, in Johannesburg after the house they were renting, was sold on auction.
Image: Alaister Russell

There was a time when Barbara Nyika, 49, had a job with a major airlineĀ and could start building her double-storey house in Blairgowrie, in the north of Johannesburg.

Then in 2014 she lost her job and took in tenants to help cover her bond repayments even though the house was not completed yet. Now months after defaulting on payments and the bank foreclosing in October 2017, she is living on the pavement right outside the house she once called home.

She is now being assisted by the Socioeconomic Rights Institute of SA with a view to appeal the eviction and rescind the sale of the house. But for now she is fasting and praying, hoping her fortunes will change.